Welcome, i am so glad you are here! The passion behind all i do is to share jesus christ with the world one blog post, one video, one moment at a time.

my desire is to see you grow in your walk with God, discover your god given calling, walk in your Gifting’s and become all god is calling you to be! i pray you will stick around a while!


If you have found us we know it was by no Accident! Instead, It was for a purpose, and we believe that it was a kingdom purpose!

Hi, My name is Amanda,

Welcome to Staying Kingdom Minded. My husband and I started our YouTube channel in 2017. 3 years ago my passion was to “Share Jesus with the world one video at a time” and to be a “Light in the darkness”. Those remain my goals today…and then some! The channel was founded on the scripture Matthew 6:33 which truly is my lifelong “squad goal”, to seek God first in all things!

So, who am I?…………

What Can You Expect To Find On Staying Kingdom Minded?

Christian blogs/devotionals

youTube videos

bible Studies


Christian mom encouragement

and More!

I pray to see you here again Soon!