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If you have found us we know it was by no Accident! Instead, It was for a purpose, and we believe that it was a kingdom purpose!

Hi, My name is Amanda,

Welcome to Staying Kingdom Minded. My husband and I started our YouTube channel in 2017. 3 years ago my passion was to “Share Jesus with the world one video at a time” and to be a “Light in the darkness”. Those remain my goals today…and then some! The channel was founded on the scripture matthew 6:33 which truly is my lifelong “squad goal”, to seek god first in all things!

So, who am I?…………

What Can You Expect To Find On Staying Kingdom Minded?

Christian blogs/devotionals

youTube videos

bible Studies


Christian mom encouragement

and More!

I pray to see you here again Soon!

Have you ever felt this way?

I know i have and it’s tough…

New Blog coming soon.

How do we handle feeling alone, like God is not with us, like we have no one? Stay tuned to find out more…

Until Next Time We Will Be…