Truth Tee
Truth Tee

Truth Tee

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Never miss another chance to share, TRUTH! Share the truth by wearing the TRUTH. Hear the TRUTH, Live the TRUTH, and SHARE the TRUTH every chance you get with this bold statement Tee. Proudly put on your faith and walk it, while you live it impacting lives with each glance without even saying a word, Wow, what an impact you will leave!

Giving the gift of TRUTH with every Tee, so wear one, give one, and Share Jesus with the world today. As you wear it, you’ll share it!

The TRUTH Tee will help you:

  • Share the Good News
  • Boldly standing for Truth
  • Sharing the Gospel One Shirt At A Time
  • Simple but powerful
  • Subtle yet effective
  • Staying Kingdom Minded Daily