Truth T-Shirt
Truth T-Shirt

Truth T-Shirt

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There are elements that are essential to life, those elements are vital to sustaining your walk with Christ. One God, One Doctrine, One Repentance, and Holy living, are crucial to living a life of TRUTH!

Wearing your faith one Tee at a time will help you share the Gospel with every creature you encounter! What a simple way to walk out your calling of being a soul winner! God has charged you with the simple mission to tell the world about him, these element Tees will do just that!  

The Elements Tee will help you:

  • Share the Gospel with every creature you encounter
  • Boldly proclaiming the elements that are vital to your spiritual life
  • Remind the world what the 
  • Remember that these elements are simple but powerful
  • Remind others that these essential truths are vital in a Subtle yet effective way
  • Staying Kingdom Minded Daily