It was TRUTH but I Can Not Believe She Said That!

It may have been True but I Can Not Believe She Said That!
Have you ever said that sentence? Maybe thought that thought? At times it feels as though people speak before they think. They just simply do not realize one key thing...words, Matter! 
Proverbs 18:21 (NLT) teaches us that "The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences". 
The Bible teaches us that we can build up others with the words that we speak or we can rip them apart. The old adage says, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". This saying could not be further from the TRUTH
Have you ever had someone say something to you that cut you so deep you could not get past it? Maybe the words they spoke to you were not really meant to be hurtful but the delivery of the statement or the individual who made the statement was someone who you held to a high esteem and this was simply, too much for you to bear? I have. 
A sweet friend commented to me once about my outfit choice, you see, this same comment given to someone else may have not been that big of a deal. However this friend knew that clothing choices and modesty were something I was working very hard to allow God to change inside of me. This is was subject that was very personal to me and...she knew it.
While reflecting on the words that were said, I knew she was right, she shared the TRUTH with me, there was not much tact, it came off rude, but it was truth. At times even if we are sharing TRUTH it can be very hurtful if not done in love, with the guidance of the Lord and in sensitivity. This is where seeking God and being sensitive to the Lord in these situations is very crucial. the words she spoke to me that day cut very deep. My desire was to please God, to be more like him and I walked away from that conversation thinking, I Can Not Believe She Said That. 
After taking this to prayer I spoke with her, she apologized and told me she had no idea her words were hurtful to me. The long and short of it is that God took hurtful words that were spoken to me to mold me to be more like him. How you ask? These words sent me into prayer, to seek God, to learn to take my cares to him in prayer. These hurtful words and this situation allowed me to be reminded that praying is the answer to every problem. In those moments of hurt I was reminded to take my pain to the one who can heal a broken heart.
Lastly, this situation reminded me to be careful with the words that I choose when I speak to others and be careful to seek the Lord about my own delivery and to ask the Lord to help me be spirit led in ALL my conversations. 
Have you ever wanted to share Jesus, to share the Bible with others but you were not sure how? There is nothing wrong with being truthful with someone, actually it is the Biblical thing to do. Just seek God for guidance and always share Truth with Love and sincerity.
Honestly, Sharing TRUTH can seem intimidating at times, but there are so many fun ways to strike up conversations and share Jesus with the world without having to be pushy or even direct.
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