2 Things to GIVE UP For A Better Godly Marriage Today!

Godly marriages need a whole lot of focus in the 21st century!

The enemy is on a mission, in fact, he is working overtime to rip apart homes, marriages, and families everywhere but, today we are focusing on Godly marriages and I have 2 things you need to give up to have a better Godly marriage, today!


The first piece of advice I have is found within our first Bible verse because after all, everything needs to have a solid foundation of scripture. Let’s focus on the first tip, which is actually the first thing we need to learn to Let Go of.

Ephesians 4:32 KJV, “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you”.

That’s right we gotta “let it go” (insert the frozen theme song here in your best Elsa impression). Give up the un-forgiveness that you're harboring towards your spouse today. God is calling you to think about those thoughts that are coming to your mind right now. Go ahead and think about the last thing, the last spat, the last argument, the last tiny little thing that you really just simply could not let go. You couldn't forgive them because of hurt, the pain cut so deeply, and honestly, you never thought that they would hurt you with those words, with those actions, and the way that they did. The first tip I have for you is to give up, give up un-forgiveness... rather Embrace forgiveness.

How about this, when you go to prayer every day you to take your cares, needs, wants, desires, and you're brokenness and your shortcomings to God, right? You find yourself saying "Papa I messed up again, or Daddy forgive me, or I can't believe I keep struggling with this area". God does not say to you “listen you just keep doing the same thing over and over I can’t forgive you again”


He sure doesn’t, so in that same love, that same acceptance, and forgiveness that you believe you will get from God….this is where you need to give it in return to your spouse. So, tip number one is to forgive your spouse, and give up un-forgiveness!


The second little bit of Christian Marriage Advice for today is healing.

If you have been hurt by someone not only do you need to forgive them but you need to allow for healing to take place!

In Jeremiah 30:17 the Bible says “but I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord”. Isn't it amazing that if you communicate with your spouse properly, if you talk with them, if you truly hear what they have to say and listen when they share vulnerable feelings and experiences with you, they will share where their hurts have been. They may share where the things are that they're harboring un-forgiveness and hurt and pain that maybe you caused or maybe you didn't, but you can take them by the hand? Maybe you can go into prayer with them and you can allow God to heal your wounds. 

The 2 things you need to give up on in your Godly marriage are un-forgiveness and past hurts! The Bible declares that he will bring true healing as he gives us conditional forgiveness as we come to him in prayer! 

If you are passionate about having a Godly marriage today…. you need to go ahead... that's right….give up on un-forgiveness and past pains that you may have had in your marriage because let's face it we all have them! 

-Until Next Time

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