What To Pray For Your Husband…Here is “Prayers for My Husband / future Husband” A Guide To help you with being intentional while praying for your husband!

1. Pray that God gives him a desire for the spirit of wisdom and revelation…that he would stay close to God’s own heart.

2. Pray that God is drawing Him into a closer relationship with Himself daily and that he has a hunger for God

3. Pray that He is a man of the Word that he desires to read and know God’s word and who God is calling him to be

4. Declare that he is a man of his word and that all who know him can trust him and depend on him

5. Declare that he is a leader and not a follower but always keeping his lead after that of God’s leadership

6. Pray that he will be a great father (if children are something you long for) who will teach your children to love and honor God

7. Pray for his peace of mind fervently

8. Pray for purity in his mind and that he would be able to flee from temptations

9. Declare everything he touches prospers and through the will of God, he would be prosperous. In this way, you can help others in need.

9. Pray that he has Godly friends and accountability in his life.

10. Pray for his purpose and calling. Pray that God would direct his every step

11. Pray for his heart to be sensitive to the Lord and that he would hear from God

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