Hi, I’m Amanda,

Welcome to Staying Kingdom Minded. My husband and I started our YouTube channel in 2017. 3 years ago my passion was to “Share Jesus with the world one video at a time” and to be a “Light in the darkness”. Those remain my goals today…and then some! So, who am I?

I’m a Momma to 4 beautiful children and I am blessed to be called a “Bonus Momma” to 4 additional amazing children! I wear many hats in life (like all moms do) I am a video influencer, Nurse and student. I serve on the music ministry team at my church, preach and so much more!

I have always had a desire to be a stay at home mom and now I am living that dream as I am in school working on my Family nurse practitioner degree. I am expecting my first grandson in March and that is the most amazing thing to me! life is crazy and wild but Oh what a fun ride it is, and I honestly can say I love every minute of the chaos that is our beautifully messy lives.

I am very Active on Instagram so if we are not already friends over there come over and let’s get to know each other!